The War

A Semi-Nomadic Life

I didn’t mean to start a war. It just sort of happened. It started as most wars do, when one side steps on the other side. Even if they just think about it. Even if we just sit in the gray zone, we’re still inching to war and so I guess that we came to a boil slowly and I’m the frog who didn’t know the bath water was getting hotter.

Anyways to deny the war would be to claim global warming is not occurring. But, at least, I can pull my face from the sand and acknowledge that I am in an all-out war with the most despicable creatures in the world—bloody f-ing ants.

I suppose they probably were here first and despite my best efforts I cannot escape my invasive colonial roots. After all I live in the bush, they did not come to the city, but they…

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