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Let Wi Live Like Rockstars

A Semi-Nomadic Life

I’m not a rockstar. I don’t play the guitar, or sing well or even have the rock n roll edge to me that rock-gods possess. But, I have decided on a few mind-sets that allow me to live out my own rockstar dreams—not that I’ll ever be a hardcore chick, but that I can own my own stage and rock it out. So in my somewhat-humble opinion here are the steps to living like a rockstar.

First, the world is magical if you can let yourself see it. Nothing is ever what it seems and if you’re looking for the type of magic that comes from a lamp or a wave of a wand or a sparkly handful of dust, you have no idea about the work it takes to make magic, but it’s magic nonetheless. You have to look for it. Magic is transformative. Learning how to read is…

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Something Inspiring

A Semi-Nomadic Life

If we are being honest, despite my love for independence and self-reliance, we all need some external inspiration from time to time. Perhaps we don’t need it, but it sure helps sometimes. I’ve finally hit a few slumps in my Peace Corps service. I mean I’m still loving it, but the hard hills to climb are getting steeper and I find myself picking up a few walking sticks along the way.

The first of these inspirations is Sir Jeffrey, our beloved headmaster at Santa Primary. He is an extraordinary person to work with. He is patient and kind with his students and staff. He truly understands that even small acts have incredible ripples and when push comes to shove, he’ll be behind you pushing your projects along. He learns as he goes and is never so arrogant as to think he cannot adopt new strategies. He tries with everyone and…

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A Semi-Nomadic Life

Reality is the ugly cousin of humility. There are moments that stand out in my head as markers of true undeniable, unable to be twisted, unbelievably stark reality. There’s really very little emotion in these moments, more an acceptance and knowledge that the rainbows evaporated, the sparkles fell to dust and what is left however ugly or beautiful is all that exists.

There’s a quote I learned in college and have since forgotten who said it and the precise wording, which makes me a terrible journalist. If I had Internet I swear I would look it up. I know it came from a NYT piece and I used the quote in a god-awfully painful paper about universal truths, which my professor called, “lame.” Seriously love her though. Anyways the premise is that the whole world exists in a single grain of sand. That the world is made of particles and…

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The War

A Semi-Nomadic Life

I didn’t mean to start a war. It just sort of happened. It started as most wars do, when one side steps on the other side. Even if they just think about it. Even if we just sit in the gray zone, we’re still inching to war and so I guess that we came to a boil slowly and I’m the frog who didn’t know the bath water was getting hotter.

Anyways to deny the war would be to claim global warming is not occurring. But, at least, I can pull my face from the sand and acknowledge that I am in an all-out war with the most despicable creatures in the world—bloody f-ing ants.

I suppose they probably were here first and despite my best efforts I cannot escape my invasive colonial roots. After all I live in the bush, they did not come to the city, but they…

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Life in Flux

I don’t know where Flux is, but I am there. Kelly is living on a farm in Guyana, South America. Heather is launched in her career and love life in South Carolina. Chuck is contemplating when to retire. And I have a new dog, whom I really love. She is here with me in Flux. She doesn’t seem to mind. That is a great comfort to me. She makes me feel at home, even here in Flux.